Signs it’s Time to Update Your Carpet in Sugar Land, TX; Stains that Can’t Be Removed, Carpet Age, Wear & Tear, Constant Pet Odors, Allergies & More

No homeowner ever wants to give up on their carpets. We may do regular cleaning and even hire professionals to steam clean our carpets to extend its use. However there comes a time that all carpet needs to be changed out. Depending on the amount of traffic your carpets receive, some carpets may last longer than others. Affordable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning wants to give you six signs to watch for, to let you know when it is time to replace your old carpet.
1. Irremovable stains are one big clue. You may have some stubborn stains that you find just won’t go away. You may try to hide the stains with rugs and furniture but eventfully that will make your home feel cluttered. Most carpets have stain resistant finishes. However over time these finishes lose their strength. Perhaps for a while, you can hire professional carpet cleaners and even do your own maintenance steam cleaning in between. This will extend your carpets usage but when that starts to fail, you may want to replace your carpets.
2. Are your carpets showing signs of wear and tear? Usually around the edges and seams of carpets, there will be separation from the carpet fibers. The carpet fibers will become loose. You can keep cutting them back, but as time goes on, more will unravel until you can no longer repair or salvage it. Holes and other tears in the carpet will become weak spots and will need replacing.
3. Stinky carpet from pets and children’s messes can age a carpet. Steam cleaning or shampooing carpet to clean pet stains and messes help to remove the odors for a time. But you may have those pets with bad habits that keep the odors present. Pets can smell the scent of urine even after we have the carpets cleaned and the scent is removed. This will prompt the pet to continue to potty in the house. Sometimes the urine sinks deep into the padding underneath the carpet and makes the scent remain. This is when you will want to replace carpet and padding to remove pet stains and smell. This will help prevent your pet to continue to potty inside the house and continue the damage to your carpets.
4. When the condition of the pad underneath the carpet begins to diminish, you will want to replace your carpets as well. The padding will make the floor softer to walk and lay on. This also helps to lessen the sounds of footsteps. If you begin to notice that your carpet isn’t quite as soft as it was before, or your footsteps begin to make sounds as you walk, it’s time for new carpets.
5. Frequent allergies may be due to old carpets. As the seasons change they bring in different pollen and other allergens. These allergens will get stuck in the carpet fibers and you will continue to have allergies throughout the year. If you had your carpet cleaned regularly, this will help remove some of the allergens but some may remain and continue to build up over time. You may find replacing your carpet will free you of constant allergies.
6. The obvious reason to replace carpets is their age. Most manufacturers says the life of most carpets is about 10 years. You may be able to extend that usage if it is well kept and not in high traffic places. Nevertheless, in the end all carpet will wear out and need replacing.

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