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Choosing the Right Area Rug Color, Pattern, Size, Material & Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance in Katy, TX

In choosing an area rug, most people fixate on colors, style, and design. As these are important choices to consider, don’t forget it’s about ease of cleaning and maintenance too. Consider where the rug will be going. Do you have pets, or children? High traffic areas combined with pets or kids, you might find you…

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Signs it’s Time to Update Your Carpet in Sugar Land, TX; Stains that Can’t Be Removed, Carpet Age, Wear & Tear, Constant Pet Odors, Allergies & More

No homeowner ever wants to give up on their carpets. We may do regular cleaning and even hire professionals to steam clean our carpets to extend its use. However there comes a time that all carpet needs to be changed out. Depending on the amount of traffic your carpets receive, some carpets may last longer…

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