Alyssa L

December 15, 2014

Affordable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are just excellent and my Mom loves them! They do all of our scheduled professional home carpet, rug and sofa cleaning and we have called them for a couple of random emergencies too like flood damage restoration and move out cleaning! They did an amazing job at my brothers rental house recently – the carpet cleaners got him back his deposit with a note from the rental company that they house was in immaculate condition! Believe me, that carpet was filthy with beer spills and mud stains before Affordable performed a miracle! They have cleaned all of the different houses that my family has lived in around the Houston and Richmond area and only one time had to come back out for lingering spots which they got the second time. We have always had a dog or two at a time with the accompanying dirt, urine, poop and vomit and we have always been impressed. They pre-treat pet stains and odors and then carpet deodorize them to remove pet odors and stains. They have done carpet repairs for us too which is needed when you try to lock a puppy in your bedroom and it scratches the carpet wanting to come out. We have already recommend this carpet cleaning company to my Dad’s boss for the power washing and air duct cleaning at his office! His boss already has a company he uses for the tile and grout cleaning but we wouldn’t be surprised if he switches after trying out these guys!

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